Valencay with Ash French Goat Cheese

Valencay with Ash is a fresh goat's milk cheese from France.

The cheese’s form, a four-sided, truncated pyramid from Berrichon goat’s milk. History tells us that the original shape was a perfect pyramid. The Valencay is made by allowing the curd to drain in a mold, it is then removed and covered with salted charcoal ash and alllowed to ripen for about 4 to 5 weeks in a well ventilated cellar at 80% humidity to facilitate the development of mold. During this period, its rind will thicken slightly and acquire blue marks. One unit, 7.8 oz/220 gr.

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Taste Its taste is mellow and savory
Texture The pate texture is fine-grained and creamy

Valencay with Ash French Goat Cheese

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