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French Cheese Affidelice 7 oz.

When thinking about France we always remember wines, bakery food and, of course, a variety of cheese. There are about 400 kinds and sorts of cheese that France offers to the world and looks like it is the world's record!

France has a very rich history of cheese making where many local recipes of cheese date back for more than thousand years. Many provinces and regions have their specialties that were predetermined by the peculiarities of the pastures and the climate, the breed of cows, goats and ewes. Each local French cheese is unique just like a fingerprint and most of them are AOC protected which means that this sort of cheese can be manufactured only in a certain region, from a milk of certain cows and ripened for a certain period.

Apart of the world known Brie, Camembert and Emmental, these French cheese names sound like music to many people in the world: Fromage, Abondance cheese, Port Salut, Delice de Bourgogne, Morbier cheese, Brillat-Savarin cheese, Saint Andre cheese, Saint Nectaire, Chaumes and many more.

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