French Cheese Vacherin Clarine 8.8 oz.

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French Cheese Vacherin Clarine 8.8 oz.

Vacherin Clarine - Perrin Vermot - cow's milk soft cheese - 8.8 oz/250 gr, France.

Fromager des Clarines in a wooden box.

Simply called Vacherin in the shops, it continues to ripen in the wooden box in which it is sold. This cheese is bound by a band of spruce, the scent of which permeates the cheese and gives it a distinct and pleasant aroma. The spruce band also helps the cheese keep its shape and should not be removed even when serving. The surface of the Vacherin cheese is moist and the rind golden and slightly reddish, with imprints of the cloth. The pale yellow pate is creamy. It can be spread on bread or boiled potatoes.

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