French Cheese Munster le Prefere d'Alsace 7.7 oz.

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French Cheese Munster le Prefere d'Alsace 7.7 oz.

Munster le prefere d'Alsace Semi - cow's milk soft stinky cheese - 7.7 oz/230 gr, France.

The chief characteristics of this French cheese are firstly the pungent smell, and secondly the soft, smooth paste, with the consistency of melting chocolate. The rind is brick-red, and the paste is fine textured and golden, slightly sticky, and sweet, with the flavor of rich milk, as long as the cheese has been properly matured. Locally, the Munster cheese is eaten with cumin or potatoes boiled with their skins on. Cumin-flavored munster may be bought ready-made.

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Appropriate wines Gewurtzstraminer, Tokay, Pinot Gris
Fat 50%