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Langres Chalancey French Cheese

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Langres Chalancey French Cheese description:

Langres Chalancey is a soft, unpasteurized, cow's milk, stinky cheese from France.As the name indicates, this cheese originates from the high plains of Langres, in Champagne. Langres is notable for its pungent smoky-bacon aroma. It is milder than Epoisses, but slightly salty with a strong smell. The firm pate melts in the mouth and results in a complex taste. When young, the texture is firm and grainy. With age, the rind starts to break down and becomes smooth and creamy. The Langres is a farmhouse and washed-rind cheese. The shape is unusual, a cone or cylinder with a hollow top. During the maturing period, which takes 5 to 6 weeks, the cheese is placed in humid cellars. The cheese os regularly rubbed with brine, either by hand or using a damp cloth. The brightly colored rind is the result of continual washing, which allows orange bacteria and some yeast to grow on the surface. One unit in a wooden box, 6.3 oz/180 gr.
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Net weight: 6.3 oz
Origin: France
Manufacturer: Fromage Marquis
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Shelf Life Refrigerated: 2 Weeks
Appropriate wines: Marc de Champagne
Brand: Fromage Marquis


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