French Cheese Gres des Vosges 4 oz.

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French Cheese Gres des Vosges 4 oz.

Gres des Vosges - cow's milk soft cheese - 4 oz/125 gr, France.

The Gres des Vosges is very popular among the lovers of Munster cheese. The rich soil in the Alsace region is a very favourable environment for the cherry trees to grow their juicy cherries. Many farmers in that region make a wonderful kirsch Spirit from these fruits. The Gres des Vosges au Kirsch Spirit is matured in three steps. During the first 3 weeks, the cheeses are washed with light saltwater twice a week. During the next 3 weeks the cheeses are refined with a melange of water and kirsch Spirit. Shortly before they are delivered, the cheeses are once again washed with kirsch Spirit, which further intensifies the flavour and creates a fruity scent.

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