Brie De Meaux AOC French Cheese Whole Wheel

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Brie De Meaux AOC French Cheese Whole Wheel

Brie de Meaux is an unpasteurized, uncooked, unpressed, soft cow's milk, AOC cheese with a white mold hailing from the Brie region of France. It boasts a bloomy rind, a milky and rich taste supplemented by sweet and buttery notes of mushrooms, truffles, and almonds. Brie goes perfectly with champagne, a red bordeaux, or a burgundy. Since the Middle Ages, this cheese has captured the hearts of all those who have experienced its outstanding taste. In the 19th century is was considered the finest cheese in Europe andin 1980, this cheese was accepted into the AOC family. Whole uncut wheel, 7 lb.

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Preparation Uncooked unpressed
Shelf Life Refrigerated 28 Days
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Appropriate wines Chateau Clarcke, France
Taste The taste is creamy, and as the maturing process continues one detects a subtle nutty flavor
Texture The pate is compact, supple and evenly textured. Its color is pale yellow, reminiscent of straw. Its rind looks like white velvet

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