French Cheese Beaufort Winter 1 lb.

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French Cheese Beaufort Winter 1 lb.

Beaufort Winter - 1/4 wheel - cow's milk, cooked, pressed hard cheese, cut cheese - 1 lb/454 gr, France.

This remarkable cheese has been known since the time of the Romans. It takes about 500 liters of milk to make a Beaufort of 40/45 kg. The cheese is made from the milk given by the mahogany-colored Beaufort cows, called the Tarines or Tarentaises.
Beaufort cheeses come in three versions, Beaufort, Beaufort d’ete, and Beaufort d’Alpage. Ripening takes at least four months in humid (92°) cellars with the temperature below 15°. The cheeses are constantly wiped and rubbed with brine.

Product Features

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Packaging Wrap
Preparation Cut Cheese
Shelf Life Refrigerated 2 Weeks
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Appropriate wines Chablis
Taste Young cheeses have a mild fruity, sweet taste then the taste becomes stronger and complex
Texture The pate of the winter cheese is white, whereas the summer cheeses are a pale yellow, due to the cows munching on the alpine flowers