Cheesemaking is one of the most sophisticated, yet amazing and interesting processes in the food industry. Its roots go back several thousands of years. And until nowadays cheese has retained its high position among the most enjoyable products all over the world. The original artisanal manufacturing techniques have improved, and some brand-new ideas for making cheese even more perfect have been put into life. This is how cheesemakers came up with a fabulous combination of cheese and truffles.

Once called “the diamonds of the kitchen”, truffles are the most expensive and delicious mushrooms on our planet. It is no wonder, that they are considered a great and very rare delicacy. They grow under special environmental conditions including the soil’s composition, the climate and even the plants that grow on the same area. Besides, as truffles grow underground, they have to be tracked down by pigs or specially trained dogs. And this is possible due to their strong aroma, which runs the gamut of fresh and intriguing hints, from earthy and nutty to musk and garlic.

Truffle cheese is loaded with slices or shavings of truffles, or flavored with truffle oil. Actually, any type of cheese made from any kind of milk can be infused with truffles. Ground truffles or truffle oil can be generously blended into the curds at the initial stages of the making process. Also, truffle oil can be added to the cheese during the formation of its rind or after the cheese has matured and developed its own flavors. These ways of mixing cheese with truffle play a very important role in creating the particular odors and tastes. Imagine how the rich fountain of the most sublime truffle flavors permeate the mellow creaminess of the cheese, and you will realize that truffled cheese definitely is a must-try thing at your next family dinner or friends party.

Here at Marky’s Gourmet Shop we are glad to offer you one of our best types of gourmet cheese. For you we have selected several truffle cheeses of the highest quality, and we believe they will satisfy your demands and supersede your expectations.

  • Italian Sottocenere cheese is not only studded with slices of sublime black truffle, but also coated with fragrant herbs and spices, and traditionally aged in ash for a hundred days. Sottocenere will amaze you with the harmony that reigns among the wide variety of its milky and zesty undertones and aftertastes.
  • Pecorino al Tartufo is a full-bodied ewe’s milk cheese from Italy. It is infused with black truffle paste and rubbed with olive oil and vinegar. All the textures, odors and flavors perfectly complete each other creating an exquisite and delightful masterpiece.
  • Original Caciotta al Tartufo is lavishly studded with black truffles, which ideally balance the piquantly sweetish and milky flavor of this subtle semi-soft cheese.

Serving & Storing Tips

  • Truffled cheeses are table cheeses. Serve them on cheeseboards, so that they could fully reveal their aromas and flavors. Remove the cheese from the fridge one hour before you are going to serve it.
  • Grate it in your sauces, salads or on your favorite pasta.
  • Keep it cold and wrapped in waxed paper.