Cheese & Butter Guide by Marky's

The infinite striving for progress, as well as the constant search for brand-new combinations of tastes and aromas have become those main driving forces which produced the idea of creating a particular type of herb cheese, and successfully brought this idea into life.

Cheese with herbs or herbed cheese, as it is also called, is often regarded as an exquisite specialty. Traditionally, such cheeses are artisanal and handcrafted with little mechanization or automation. In cheesemaking various herbs are used as flavoring agents, along with spices, nuts, wood smoke or ashes and some other odoriferous natural additives. Generally, during the manufacturing process herbs are mixed into cheese curds after the whey is drained from them. Sometimes herbs can be added to milk before turning into cheese, but it is not practiced very much. In other cases the cheese rinds are coated with different culinary herbs which complete the flavor profiles of cheeses providing them with some special zest. By the way, herbed rinds are supposed to be eaten. Dried herbs can be added whole, ground or chopped. The previous drying helps to preserve the fullness and richness of their pristine odors and flavors.

Cheesemakers may use dozens of fragrant herbs to create new and original products. For example, rosemary possesses a complex gamut of different scents and smacks. It combines aromatic hues of wood and tea with sharpness of pepper and lemon. Thyme has a fresh floral odor and slightly bitter lemony and minty taste. Pungent cumin stands out with its deep and warm notes. Among other common herbs used to flavor cheeses there are sage, anise, tarragon, basil, dill, chives, garlic and many more.

Some Absolutely Gorgeous Herbed Cheeses

Here at Marky’s Gourmet Shop we have selected some sublime herb cheeses that will please the most exacting connoisseurs. You are welcome to check our cheese catalog for the best quality imported products. Also, you can choose the option to order the cheese online.

  • The elegant Pave Sauvage is a fine French goat cheese. This herbed chevre represents a harmonious combination of delicate creaminess of the cheese itself and piquant tang of the coating herbs. So, it will be a great full-flavored part of your cheeseboard.
  • The French Buchette cheese is also made from goat’s milk and garnished with odorous herbs. You can serve it on its own with crunchy French baguette, as well as grate it on your salads or roasted vegetables, and grilled steaks.
  • The Spanish Buenalba is a perfect full-bodied cheese with rosemary. Originally made from ewe’s milk and coated with the zesty herb, it turns to be something really out of this world. This cheese can serve for a fabulous and light appetizer, especially when paired with white Spanish wines.

A Small Tip for Storing Herbed Cheeses

Wrap them well and keep them in the door bins of your fridge. These are actually the warmest spots in the refrigerator, best for storing any type of cheeses.