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Truffle Sheep Cheese, 3.5 oz

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3.5 oz. / 100 g. In Stock
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Truffle Sheep Cheese, 3.5 oz description:

Truffle Sheep Cheese, 3.5 oz

MATURED IN TARTUFO CHEESE: White Truffle Sheep Cheese - Matured 6 months - Raw Milk

Rind: hard, brownish, well-marked and defined outside surface.
Paste: firm and compact, it may show small-medium sized holes throughout all over the cut.
Colour: Ivory white
Texture: soluble and buttery paste, sometimes a bit adherent
Aroma/taste/ persistence: Very ripened sheep milk aroma and taste with a slight aftertaste in which acid and salty hints may be shown.

Conservation: keep in a dry and fresh place. Recommended conservation temperature: 4o-8oC.
How to use: lift the cheese out of the fridge and leave it until it reaches aprox. 20o C allowing the flavours and aromas show their intensity.

It is not considered suitable for pregnant women because it is elaborated with raw milk (without thermic treatment). Not suitable for allergic to egg as one of its ingredients is egg albumen derived. Suitable for coeliac people because it doesn’t contain Gluten. (<10 ppm of gluten (mg/kg)) (RRMM suppliers’ certificates are available). Certified product for the “Marca de Garantía controlado por FACE”.

Ingridients: Sheep milk, Salt, Natural Rennet, Cultures, Lisozime (Egg Derived), Potassium Nitrate, Conservative E-250, White truffle

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Net weight: 3.5 oz. / 100 g.
Origin: Spain
Manufacturer: La Antigua
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Brand: La Antigua


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