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Spanish Cheese Mahon

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Spanish Cheese Mahon description:

Mahon - pasteurized cow's milk semi-soft cheese, cut cheese - up to 8 lb, Spain.

Semi soft cheese of Menorca Island. The flavor is fruity and nutty and becomes more intense with age. Delicious as a snack, in sauces, salads, pasta and fruits.

Mahon cheese has a bold, magnificent flavor that could never be called mild. The yellowish-orange rind conceals a soft, slightly salty and decidedly spicy interior. This unique cheese is a must try for any cheese lover and an absolute necessity for the true connoisseur. Aged and Pasteurized Sugar Free. Gluten Free. Do not contain nuts Contain egg products(lisozyme) Do not contain shellfish Contain dairy Non kosher Non vegan Non organic
Quantity in stock: Available for sale
Net weight: up to 8 lb
Fat: 55%
Origin: Spain
Manufacturer: Fromage Marquis
Packaging: Wrap
Accompaniments: Goes well grated over pasta or as an appetizer with olive oil
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Shelf Life Refrigerated: 2 Weeks
Preparation: Cut Cheese
Appropriate wines: Rioja Alta, Penedes, young Cabernet. You can also try with a beer
Brand: Fromage Marquis


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