Raclette de Savoie French Cheese

Raclette de Savoie is a semi-firm, uncooked, pressed, raw cow’s milk from Savoie, France. The flavor of Raclette de Savoie is salty, slightly sweet, slightly fruity, and slightly nutty. It has a smooth texture with holes in the paste that are linked to traditional manufacturing methods and the use of raw milk. This cheese has a washed rind and is aged for a minimum of 3 months. Raclette is traditionally melted and served with boiled potatoes and cornichons (tiny pickles), or with pickled onions, or charcuterie. When heated, it becomes creamy and smooth. Its pronounced flavors invite you to discover the authentic taste of the traditional raclette de Savoie. Manufactured and refined by Schmidhauser. Cut cheese, up to 12 lb/5.44 kg.

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Color white to straw-yellow
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Type of milk Cow

Raclette de Savoie French Cheese

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