Port Salut French Cheese

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Port Salut French Cheese

Port Salut - cow’s milk semi soft cheese, cut cheese - up to 5 lb, France.

Port Salut is a semi-soft, pasteurized, cow's milk cheese from France. It boasts a supple and smooth texture with a tangy and mild taste. Also called Port du Salut, this rich, savory cheese was originally made by Trappist monks in Entrammes, France. Lactic bacteria is used in production, which gives the cheese a slight acidity to complement its mild taste. It is shaped in thick wheels with a dense, pale yellow interior and an edible, bright orange rind. The Danish version is known as Esrom. Ours is made by S.A.F.R., one of the best and most authentic producers of Port du Salut cheeses. This cheese is popular for breakfast and snacking, especially with fruit or rye bread. Cut cheese, up to 5 lb.

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