There are two simple things that will give a clear idea of what Grating Cheese is. Firstly, it is definitely an aged cheese. Secondly, it is a hard cheese with pungent odor developed in the process of maturing. Although these cheeses rarely become zests of cheese plates, undoubtedly they are ubiquitous seasonings to the huge diversity of dishes. Freshly grated cheese is both versatile and irreplaceable as it adds special texture and savory flavor to your favorite pizza, or pasta, or salad, or soup, or sauce, or any other masterpiece of your cookery.

Special attention should be paid, however, to the difference between the grated cheese and shredded cheese. These two techniques or styles of cheese “transformation” can have a great impact on how your dish will finally look like. So, if you shred the cheese, fine long and narrow strips come out. Normally, shredded cheese melts or cooks slower than grated one. The latter form means that the cheese is fractured into small particles, which you sprinkle on top of your dish like a condiment.

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A full-flavored Parmesan cheese grated over freshly cooked hot dish will lavishly add some piquant nuance to its taste. Its unique natural complexity and intensity of tangy odors makes shredded Parmesan cheese an integral part of the cooking style.

With its taste and flavor becoming more intense as it ripens, grainy and mellow cheese Grana Padano becomes a wonderful complement to various foods when grated, from salads and sauces to desserts.

Salty and crumbly Cotija, which is probably the most popular Mexican shredded cheese, serves perfectly as a topping to different dishes of any cuisine. Despite its hard texture, crumbled or grated Cotija softens, making your foods full with pungent taste.

Truly multi-functional Ricotta cheese with its dense texture is ideal for shredding or grating. It is added commonly not only to widely-known savory dishes like pizza, pasta, lasagna and others, but also to desserts, especially to cheesecakes, when mixed with strawberries, cinnamon or just sugar. Rich lingering taste of Swiss Gruyere makes it an essential ingredient in diverse traditional dishes of many cuisines, particularly in original Fondue. Its full and complex flavor will be a good decoration for any of your courses.

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