What gives the cheese its personality is the milk. Goat milk can be easily told from the other types of milk due to its assertive flavor. The thing is that goats are not so picky animals as cows or even horses, and their diet may include some bitter plants. So this is where goat milk and then cheese take their tang from. But goats are smaller animals than cows, so the scale of the goat milk production is not that large, and the price of cheese made from goat’s milk may be somewhat higher. On the other hand, goat milk is considered thinner than that of the cow, containing less fat and more vitamins as well as other important nutrients. The same is about goat cheese, which also provides smaller amount of cholesterol and more calcium. Besides, it is absolutely consumable for those who may have lactose intolerance.

Secondly, these cheeses just amaze with their wide varieties of sizes, shapes and textures. It might be a real challenge to choose from all those patties, logs, loaves, drums, cones and pyramids. Basically, there are three main goat cheese types that get their difference from the way of their production. These are aged, soft-ripened and fresh cheeses with their textures vary from firm and crumbly to oozy and creamy. Also they may be marinated in red wine or olive oil and coated with aromatic herbs or spices. And the pristine goat cheese taste will surprise with its rich palette of diverse hints: subtle and fresh, herbal and lemony, zesty and pungent.

The history of European goat cheeses counts thousands of years. They originated in the eastern Mediterranean territories, from where they spread to modern France and Spain. That is why today the French term chèvre (pronounced chev) applied to name any French goat cheese is usually used to identify cheeses made from goat milk in other countries. Among the exquisite French brands there are Bucheron, Crottin, Chevrot and many others. And Spain can deservedly boast of its sublime Capricho de Cabra and Cana de Cabra cheese, as well as the special Catalan Garrotxa cheese (say: gah-rotch-ah).

Nowadays the US has also become a big and successful producer of goat milk cheeses. This was largely contributed by Cypress Grove Founder Mary Keehn, who made her cheesy dream come true. She created Humboldt Fog cheese manufactured in California now. Widely known White American cheese, so apt for quick snacks, is also made using goat milk. Together with Humboldt Fog goat cheese it adds to the high quality achievements of American cheesemaking industry.

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Some Creative Tips to Use Goat Cheese

  • Enjoy it on a cheese board complemented with crunchy crackers, nuts and fruit, while pairing it with Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or Pinot Noir.
  • Sprinkle it on your soups.
  • Add it to your home-made pizza and vegetable salads.
  • Use it for breakfast when making quiches or omelettes.
  • Put it in your cheesecake or on a slice of a fresh baguette and top it with honey.