Cheesemaking process and techniques have proved to be a clear demonstration of human ingenuity and workmanship. Each cheese claims to have its own identity, which is largely influenced by the kind of milk it is made from. Traditionally, for manufacturing most European cheeses a single milk is used. But what if we combine several kinds of milk, letting all their fragrant aromas, creamy tastes and healthy nutrients mix up in a magic mélange, and then make a single product from it? We will get a special sublime mixed milk cheese, which, in its turn, will amaze us with its exquisite palette of flavors and health benefits.

Initially, this kind of cheese with its centuries-old history and artisanal character was invented in the Spanish Castilla-Leon and Castilla-La Mancha regions, where until nowadays the local herds of cows, goats and sheep are usually mixed together. This gives Spain a good opportunity to produce high quality milk all year round, as well as combine all the three milks to make its outstanding pristine cheeses.

The original idea to create a mixed milk cheese was not actually based on some gourmet fancies. It proceeded from the economic and practical considerations. Firstly, unlike dairy cows, goats and sheep can produce milk only for a certain and rather short period of time. Besides, while the animal is pregnant, it cannot be milked at all because it does not have offsprings to feed. Secondly, working with several different milks simultaneously, as it usually happens in the summer, is very time-consuming for a cheesemaker. So, mixing different types of milk helps to efficiently preserve it and increase the production of the cheese on the farm.

Such type of cheese can be made in two ways: either by blending the milks together directly, or by creating their separate layers. The proportion of the milks determines the cheese texture and flavor characteristics. Cow’s milk often plays a role of a lavish mild creamy base, while that of the goat adds some tart and zesty hues to it, and sheep’s milk complements the medley with dense butteriness. Each of the blended milk cheeses possesses its own complex flavor profile sparkling with the particular nuances.

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