History has it that the first mentions of cheese are referred to the times when the sheep was domesticated by humans. The historical records state that in Europe the domestication of this herbivorous animal was happening on the Mediterranean territories many thousands of years ago. This is why it is quite possible the very first cheese in the world was made from sheep’s milk.

Nowadays the best sheep or, to be more precise, ewes’ milk cheeses are largely produced in the countries situated near or on the Mediterranean Sea, following the original artisanal cheesemaking traditions. A wide range of sheep milk cheeses will surprise you with the diversity of their creamy textures, fragrant aromas and bright flavors. So, if you feel enthusiastic about trying something stunningly milky, do not hesitate to buy sheep cheese.

As the fat and protein content of the sheep’s milk is higher than that of other kinds of milk, it is considered to be utterly ideal for making cheese. However, it is rather difficult to produce ewe’s milk in large quantities, because naturally the sheep cannot give as much milk as, for example, the cow. So, you should be aware that the sheep milk Ricotta cheese price may be slightly higher than the price of the Ricotta made from cow’s or goat’s milk. On the other hand, the sheep milk cheese is infinitely rich in minerals, especially in Calcium, and vitamins. It also contains special nutrients which contribute to low blood pressure and prevent different allergies and even cancer. Despite the fact that it cannot be considered a lactose free cheese, many lactose intolerant people claim that they would still like to buy Pecorino cheese, though it is originally made from the ewe’s milk.

Some Most Mouth-Feel Types of Sheep Cheese

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The bold and assertive Italian Pecorino will become an outstanding condiment to your salads, soups and pastas. The versatile sweetish milky Ricotta is an irreplaceable ingredient of both savory dishes and exquisite pastries. And the creamy Casio de Roma cheese with its delicate fruity aftertaste is perfect as a part of any cheeseboard.

The French Petit Basque will add a fabulous zest to your appetizers. It has a delicately salty and nutty flavor which makes it a fine company for tart olives and cured meat. Served with fresh fruit or berries and traditional black cherry jam, it will turn into a dainty dessert.

Spanish sheep cheese Manchego originates from La Mancha, home to one of the most famous literature characters. Miguel de Cervantes, the father of immortal Don Quixote, even mentioned it in his novel. The special thing about Manchego is its unique tang complemented by caramel and nutty smacks. The splendid aged Romao cheese or Queso al Romero, as it is called in Spanish, is rubbed with olive oil and lard, and coated with odoriferous rosemary. Its taste is a sublime combination of creamy mellowness and herbaceous piquancy.