The history of the French cheese or fromage dates back to the Middle Ages. The original processes and technologies of cheese production were checked and improved by centuries of refining the smallest details of each stage of the cheese making craft. Today, France tends to hold a high and important reputation among the world’s biggest cheese manufacturers, protecting its products by the system of AOC. It means that a certain sort of cheese can be made only in a certain region or terroir, from a certain kind of milk, and ripened for a certain period of time.

France offers about 400 types of cheese grouped in the ‘eight families of cheese’. Each ‘family’ is based primarily on some main features of the cheese. Besides, one type of cheese can have several specific varieties. And the total amount of all French cheese varieties actually appears to be close to 1,000, which looks like the world’s record!

Along with such popular French cheese names as Brie, Camembert and Emmental, a wide range of many other cheeses create a splendid French symphony both of sounds and tastes.

Abondance cheese made by monks from the local monastery has been known since the 14th century. Traditional regional methods of the cheese manufacturing provide it with the perfect balance of tanginess and sweetness in flavor. The texture of the milky pate turns supple and creamy, and gets a hint of graininess.

Port Salut is recognized by its edible orange rind and velvety interior. It features savory but still mild and creamy taste, and rich scent.

Delice de Bourgonge is a classic triple crème cheese that literally melts in your mouth. Its smooth and oozing texture, remarkably piquant odor and rich mushroomy taste make it an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Morbier cheese is famous for a horizontal layer of black edible ash in the middle of its yellow-ivory pate. Initially added to keep insects away and prevent the rind forming, today the thin layer is just decorative. The cheese is a little sticky and pungent in taste.

Brillat Savarin cheese is another triple crème cheese with bloomy and velvety rind, lush texture and rich mix of salty, buttery, mushroomy and nutty taste.

Saint Andre cheese, known for its creamy and oozy centre that combines perfectly with tender rind, has a sweet mild taste with grassy undertones, which make it an ideal seasoning for the daintiest deserts.

Saint Nectaire is originally aged on rye that gives the cheese a unique flavor of mushrooms and hay, both tangy and subtle. Chaumes is a soft aromatic cheese with rather elastic texture and complex taste. It is both an outstanding part of a cheese plate and an excellent condiment to diverse recipes.

We are also glad to offer you a large variety of French butter, which is a zest of and a secret key to many dishes of French cuisine, especially French pastry. You can choose from the world most enjoyed French brands which include Echire butter and Isigny butter in their salted and unsalted forms, as well as truffle butter of high quality.