A delicate slice of an original milk cheese on your morning toast is definitely something that can really make your day. Implying its texture, smell and flavor characteristics, the type and quality of cheese are determined by the whole set of factors. But what it all starts from is milk. Different kinds of milk include those that are more usual for us, such as cow, goat and sheep, as well as rather exotic ones like camel or yak.

As cow’s milk can be produced in the largest quantities, using it yields a wide array of cheeses, with the world’s best known and most enjoyed among them. The milk from cows has a high fat and protein content, which is very important for the manufacturing process. So, the cow’s milk cheese possesses its mild texture and very light creamy taste, and is rich in minerals and vitamins.

Here we are glad to offer you the best selection of cheeses made from the high quality cow’s milk, including some very special types from different parts of the world.

Italy is famous for its diversity of cheeses, varying from firm and tangy Parmigiano-Reggiano to soft-ripened and mellow Mozzarella. Although the original Mozzarella in considered to be made from the Italian water buffalo’s milk, nowadays cow’s milk is also widely used in its production. Its particular kind is Burrata cheese. It is formed in a pouch and filled with cream and small pieces of the pristine Mozzarella. The Burrata Mozzarella has a lingering lavish flavor with a delicately sour finish.

Italian Fontal possesses a dense sweetish nutty flavor with pungent aftertaste. It claims to be absolutely perfect when melted in pasta sauces or on pizza.

Piave cheese, the cousin of Parmigiano, also has a hard dense texture and piquant full-bodied taste, which make it just great both for a cheese board and for shredding or grating over a wide gamut of dishes.

French cow’s milk cheeses have a rightful place among the world’s best gourmet dairy products. Full-bodied, full-flavored and just outstanding Brie and Morbier, Camembert and Brillat Savarin, Saint Andre and Port Salut cheese are just to name a few of the masterpieces.

In case you imagine a friendly small village hidden in the emerald-green slopes of the Swiss Alps when hearing the word “cheese”, then you might ask yourself questions like “what is Gruyere cheese” or “how does Emmentaler Swiss cheese taste”. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So do not hesitate to try some!

Mexican Cotija cheese with its mild saltiness and tanginess will be a fine condiment both to an appetizer and main dish. If you still wonder where to buy Cotija cheese, we are glad to offer you the sublime product of the highest quality.

Reggianito is a well-known Argentine cow milk cheese, brought to this country by Italian immigrants. Today it is a popular grating cheese, shining perfectly with baked vegetables and pastas.

Various types of the farmer cheese made from cow’s milk will also play nice parts on their own, as well as turn your every dish into something just out of this world.