Manchego Spanish Sheep Cheese, Aged 6 Months

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Manchego Spanish Sheep Cheese, Aged 6 Months

Manchego El Trigal - aged 6 months, sheep's milk semi-hard cheese, Lácteos Cuquerella, Spain.

This Manchego is a semi-hard, sheep's milk cheese, from Spain. True Manchego is produced only from the milk of the Manchega sheep. The Manchega sheep graze on dry pasture and brush fields on a high plateau outside of the cities southeast of Madrid. When it comes time to mature, like many other Spanish cheeses, Manchego is smeared with olive oil. It is aged 6 months and has a very strong, nutty flavor that is unforgettable and accompanied by a zesty and slightly salty taste. Its texture is crumbly. Its rich flavor makes it a great snack on its own, or it can be served with bread, crackers, or dessert. Cut cheese, up to 3.3 lb.

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Packaging Wrap
Preparation Cut Cheese
Shelf Life Refrigerated 2 Weeks
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Appropriate wines Rioja Alta, Penedes, young cabernet. You can also try with a beer
Fat 55%