French Cheese Vieux Cru des Cremiers 1 lb.

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French Cheese Vieux Cru des Cremiers 1 lb.

Vieux Cru des Cremiers - cow's milk semi-hard cheese, cut cheese - 1 lb/454 gr, France.

The Vieux Cru des Crémiers is a cooked pressed cheese made in the Jura from raw mountain milk and ripened in recently refurbished cellars, specially designed to ripen this cheese. The temperature and humidity have been set for a long and slow ripening, perfect for developing the flavor potential of the cheese. You will enjoy the supple texture and fruity flavor all the more thanks to the long ripening process. What makes Vieux Cru des Crémiers different is the care and attention given to each wheel; tasted and checked before sending off by the cellar master to guarantee the best possible and constant quality. This is what really sets the product apart.

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