Le Bois Blond French Cheese Whole Wheel

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Le Bois Blond French Cheese Whole Wheel

Le Bois Blond is a soft, pasteurized, cow's milk cheese from France. The taste of this Vacherin French cheese is very sweet. It gives off notes of butter and hazelnuts. It should preferably be heated gently in the oven in its small box, until, under its washed crust, its interior is hot and runny. You can eat it with a teaspoon or melted on slices of dried crackers, on sautéed mushrooms, potatoes, and salads. It's like a Raclette without the necessary grill, a fondue without a fondue pan to scrape off afterwards, and ultimately an effortless meal that amazes everyone. Whole uncut wheel in a wooden box, 15.4 lb/6.99 kg.

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