5 Artless Ways to Use and Enjoy Original Normandy Butter

Butter is a surprisingly ubiquitous ingredient.

Topnotch and delicious butter is an ingredient you can’t go without any more after you taste it once.

Even if you could somehow eat your avocado and salmon sandwich without truly good butter, your life will change after you try one with some French beurre.

It looks like we all know what to do with this simple milk product. Just take a small knife and cut a nice thin yellow or white slice off a butter bar. Or if you prefer to buy butter in a basket, scoop as much as you need out of the pack and add to your dish. That’s it.

But French butters have hidden superpowers and will reveal them inside your dishes if you keep a few simple things in your mind: what foods adore butter how much of it you should add at what cooking stage you should add it.

Marky’s is giving you five ideas of where and how you can use high-quality Normandy butter to upgrade your cooking.

  • Appetizers
  • Pastry
  • Sauces
  • Fried dishes
  • Last touches

#1. Appetizing Snacks

Quick-to-make sandwiches and canapes will acquire a special creamy flavor when you lay a thin slice of French butter between the crusty bread or crunchy cracker and… whatever you prefer such starters with.

The butter will soften the sharp tang of dried meats and highlight the milky note of cheeses. The pungency of smoked salmon or anchovies will be harmoniously shadowed by the buttery mellowness. And the wholesomeness of butter will complement the watery flesh of fresh vegetables, like cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes.

#2. Pastry as You Want It to Be

The crucial role of high-quality butter in cookies, tarts, and croissants is hard to overestimate. In pastry, butter is one of the ingredients that directly influence the texture of what you get out of the oven.

Butter waterproofs the layers of pastry. In the heat of the oven, the water inside each layer of dough boils off as steam. This steam makes the upper layers rise, and the high temperature dries them, so they become flaky. This is the secret of croissants and puff pastry.

On the other hand, when you make shortcrust dough for a quiche or tart, butter is what brings the required crumble and crustiness with it.

And if you’re making the dough that should rise according to the recipe, use butter to make the resulting pastry softer and creamier.

#3. Wholesome Sauces

If you need a thick sauce and you want it to melt in the mouths of your dearest, add French butter to it.

Be it a garlic or tomato sauce for your ravioli or pasta, butter will make both the sauce and the dish absolutely outstanding. A simple food will turn into a killer flavorful, sumptuous treat. And you need even less that a bar of butter for that.

Let’s check out this list of sauces that will make your dearest lick their fingers after dinner.

  • Hot butter with lemon juice (and zest, if you don’t mind).
  • Hot butter with capers, parsley, and vinegar for fish dishes.
  • Garlic and melted butter sauce for meat dishes.
  • Hot butter and tomato sauce for spaghetti.
  • Or just hot butter for boiled vegetables and eggs.

#4. Fried Veggies, Meat, or Fish

No, olive oil isn’t the only product in your kitchen that you can use for frying. Try frying with Normandy butter to add a brownish crust and tender creamy tone to vegetables, meats, and fish.

Here’s a brief instruction on how to fry with butter without doing any harm to yourself and your dish.

  1. Heat the skillet on medium-low to medium heat.
  2. Add butter. Once it melts, it should well coat the bottom of the skillet. But don’t add more, unless the recipe requires.
  3. As the butter starts melting, swirl it around the skillet. Add your food before the butter gets brown.
  4. Add three-five spoons of vegetable or canola oil to flavor up the butter and prevent it from burning.

#5. Creamy Finish

A slice or small lump of Normandy butter will be a perfect finishing touch for a large variety of dishes.

  • Vegetable soups
  • Baked, fried, and grilled meat, poultry, or fish
  • Grilled corn
  • Fried mushrooms
  • Boiled potato, of course

So, what will you choose? What’s your favorite way to use butter in cooking?

Get your bar of the freshest Normandy butter at Marky’s now and make something gorgeous for dinner today