Crottin de Champcol Aged French Goat Cheese

Crottin de Champcol is a soft, aged, pasteurized, goat's milk cheese from France. It is named after the tiny village of Champcol, France, located in the Loire Valley. It has a subtle and slightly nutty flavor. In its youth (Chavignol jeune), its pate is solid and compact, and its rind is white. As it ripens (Chavignol bleuté), it takes on a stronger flavor and develops a harder rind. With full maturity (Chavignol affiné), the pate becomes crumbly and the mould on the rind matures into a bluish colour. The cheese is marketed and eaten at all three stages of maturity. Crottin de Champcol is great on any cheese board or as a dessert cheese accompanied by fruit. It can be paired with Sancerre wine. One unit, 2.1 oz.

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Crottin de Champcol Aged French Goat Cheese

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