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Creamy Spanish Sheep Cheese

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Creamy Spanish Sheep Cheese description:

Creamy (Cremoso) Sheep Cheese is a soft, aged, raw sheep's milk cheese from Zamora, Spain. It is a spreadable cheese, with a soft paste and creamy, cake-like texture. It has a mild flavor but with personality due to the small bitter touches of vegetable rennet (another key ingredient). The texture is smooth and buttery. The rind is edible and the cheese is packed in a special maturing bag, allowing it to evolve naturally. To consume, take the cheese out of the fridge and leave it out until it reaches approximately 20 C, allowing the flavours and aromas to invoque the cheese's intensity. The cheese should be opened at the top by lifting the rind, revealing the interior. The top of the rind is used as a "lid" for a better preservation. Produced by Quesería La Antigua in Zamora, Spain. Gluten free, contains egg products (lisozyme). Cut cheese, up to 6.6 lb/3 kg.
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Net weight: 19.3 oz / 550 g
Origin: Spain
Manufacturer: La Antigua
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Brand: La Antigua


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