Crème Fraîche de Normandie

Creme Fraiche de Normandie - Creme d'Isigny

Isigny ste Mere's organic crème fraîche is made exclusively with milk from organic farms (AB certified). Apart from all the benefits it derives from organic agriculture, it also has the natural richness of the exceptional Isigny terroir. The milk is collected at 48-hour intervals and brought in to our reception tanks. Here, each tanker load of milk undergoes an initial series of tests to ensure they meet Isigny's demanding quality requirements.

This organic crème fraîche is made with the greatest respect for traditional values: it is seeded with carefully chosen lactic cultures before undergoing a slow traditional ripening process. This famous crème fraîche contains 35% fat in dry matter, making it thicker with a more pronounced taste It is more stable during cooking and it has an excellent coating quality. Its rounded mouth feel, smoothness and delicate flavor notes make it an exceptionally fine ingredient for any organic cuisine. One unit, 200 gr/7 oz.

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