Comté Nature French Cheese Whole Wheel

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Comté Nature French Cheese Whole Wheel

Comté “Le Cadeau de la Nature” is a semi-firm, unpasteurized, aged, raw, cow's milk cheese from the Jura region of France. Century-old techniques are used to make Comte, which is the most produced and consumed cheese in France. The flavor is complex, nutty and caramelized with a lingering but not sharp flavor. The combination of sweetness and saltiness give this cheese an intriguing flavor. Comte is traditionally sold in huge blocks and matures for a year before it is ready for sale, whereas this one is slowly ripened in the natural atmosphere of the buried cellars of Fort Saint-Antoine for 30 months. The result is an exceptional product, a true gift of nature. Older wheels like this one have a rich, nutty, fruitier and more flowery taste. Pairs great with a glass of Chardonnay. Whole wheel, 80 lb.

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