Hard cheese is known as “grating cheese” or sometimes “firm cheese”. Generally, it has a grainy texture, concentrated flavor, and its rind color varies from ivory and white to brown. The cheese gets harder as it matures, developing unique odors, which depend on the culture used and the duration of the ripening period. Thus, a hard cheese is rather the most aged cheese that matures for months or a couple years.

Most types of hard cheese are produced in certain regions under strict regulations and have PDO and AOC control. According to the original production techniques, the special bacteria are injected into the milk, and as the curd is set, it is pressed to remove whey. The cheese is packed into special molds under pressure. When the cheese matures, it loses around 60% of its moisture, and the rest of it adds to the unique rich flavor.

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“The King of Italian Cheeses”, Parmeggiano Reggiano, is one of several Parmesan-type cheeses. Its golden color deepens with age, as the cheese takes its graininess and rich nutty taste. A similar Parmesan-type cheese is Grana Padano. While the cheese ripens, its sweetish flavor becomes denser and its interior gets crumblier.

Pecorino Romano is noticeably sharper than Parmesan cheeses. Pecorino tends to have a brittle consistency and very tangy flavor, as the curd must be rummaged quickly after molding. Such method provides dense and pungent taste. As its opposite, Italian Fontina Cheese has tender, nutty flavor with a honey tint.

Unlike other hard cheeses, creamy Asiago cheese is not that grainy. Aged Asiago has a granular texture and caramel taste.

Original Gruyere, which is claimed to be one of the most popular Swiss cheeses, has a wonderful mix of flavors tasting fruity after the first bite, it becomes more buttery and nutty.

Tete de Moine is another Swiss cheese with a sweet pungent taste. Its name means “monk’s head” and may refer to its shape and the way it is traditionally served in - with the top sliced off, as if it was shaved.

Stored and aged in stony chimneys of shepherds’ huts in the old days, smoked Idiazable is one of Spain’s greatest cheeses. The modern manufacturing process is still all-natural keeping the cheese's special flavor.

Hispanic-style Cotija Cheese rates as one of Mexico’s most famous cheeses. Firm and tangy Cotija is mostly used as a garnish or just to richen the odor of dishes.

Hard cheese is like wine its flavor becomes daintier with time. It is both perfect when grated to cooked dishes, as well as when served as an appetizer. You can choose from our hard cheese list, and we will be glad to meet the demands of your gourmet taste.