Soft and semi-soft cheeses are those unique products that succeed in combining perfectly the most contrasting, as they seem at first sight, textures, flavors and tastes. Therefore, even cheese curds, which are considered the very first and important step in any cheese making process, can serve as an outstanding snack, whether they are fresh or fried. Elastic and pliable or springy and rubbery, full with tanginess and piquancy or creaminess and mellowness, these types of cheese will certainly delight the palate of the most exacting gourmet and become a splendid adornment of a cheese plate for your party or family dinner, as well as a pleasant zest of your everyday meals.

In our online cheese store we offer a large selection of diverse kinds of soft and semi-soft cheese, including such true best-sellers as French Brie, “The Queen of Cheeses”, and Camembert Gouda, the most popular Dutch cheese, and many others, with goat’s and sheep’s milk cheeses among them. We are also glad to provide a wide assortment of cream cheeses made of pure cow’s milk.

As these all are quite perishable products, we rigorously control their quality and the conditions of cheese delivery and transportation.

So, what is soft cheese and how it differs from semi-soft cheese? Soft cheese is typically a young cheese ripening not longer than two months. They also contain higher percent of moisture (usually more than 67%) than other sorts of cheese. The process of maturing inside a cheese wheel runs slower than outside. That is why such cheeses are of special uneven consistence: soft and sometimes even fluid inside, they almost always have a rind.

A typical semi-soft cheese has a bit longer aging time and contains less moisture. The longer the cheese ripens the bigger amount of moisture it loses and its texture gets firmer. Thus, it can turn into one of those fine hard and semi-hard cheeses, such as Parmeggiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Mimolette and others.

Special qualities of soft cheeses make them extremely enjoyed and widely-consumed. Cream cheese is an evidence. Recently it has been ranked as the most popular American cheese in the category of soft cheeses. Its fruity flavor and pungent taste make the cream cheese a versatile ingredient used either to enrich both savory and sweet cookery or simply to make a small delicious snack with bread or crackers.

Nevertheless, Italian soft cheeses also keep their positions as products of high quality and perfect flavor and taste characteristics. Milky and tender Mozzarella, traditional creamery Gorgonzola, buttery-flavored Burrata and Taleggio with its fruity tang are irreplaceable seasonings for plenty of Italian-style dishes.

Quintessential British Stilton cheese can be a fine condiment for your holiday and everyday courses. Alone it will be a zest of your cheese plate.

Great both for cooking and eating original Norwegian Jarlsberg and French Cambozola will once again prove the genuine odor uniqueness and the true versatility of the soft cheese.