Butter is a multifunctional dairy product due to its natural characteristics and cookery qualities. It is an essential and irreplaceable ingredient in large diversity of the most contrasting dishes, from home made pastry and breads to sauces and sautéing vegetables. Butter contains special fats that are not only very important for our health but also make it a good carrier of different flavors, such as vanilla or spices. So, when used as a distinctive medium in cooking, butter succeeds perfectly enriching and complementing the odor and taste of your dishes.

Butter is widely known and commonly available in two forms: salted and unsalted. The difference between the two types is quite obvious: in the process of butter making salt, as a natural flavor enhancer and preservative, is added to the former and is not added to the latter. That is why unsalted butter keeps its delicate creamery taste and milky scent. It also contains less water and forms more stable air pockets structures when creamed. Basing on all these features of unsalted butter, professional chefs usually claim to prefer it to the salted type. They explain their choice by the necessity of controlling precisely the overall taste and flavor of the recipe. Although unsalted butter is just ideal for your baked treats, you can use it safely as a condiment to other dishes adding a sprinkle of salt to your taste or making gourmet coral butter adding lobster roe.

In our online store catalog we assembled the range of the best unsalted butter sorts from several French provinces. We are glad to offer you such traditional unsalted butter brands as Beurre de Baratte, Echire and Isigny, which are all AOC protected. It guarantees the original qualities of butter and its pristine character of the genuine rustic farm made dairy product. We also tend to provide our customers with affordable unsalted butter prices aiming to let you fully reveal your cookery fancies and create real cookery masterpieces.

As butter is always one of the staples in your kitchen, you would definitely strive for it being of high quality and adding the daintiest flavors to your big holiday dishes as well as to your quotidian meals, making them all both absolutely delicious and still very healthy. To meet your gourmet expectations, we offer to try the Isigny butter, which has been famous world wide since the 16th century. It is produced in accordance to traditional time-tested technologies in the French area of Normandy. Naturally rich in healthy chemicals, with golden color, fresh aroma and lingering taste of nuttiness, the butter will certainly satisfy the demands of the most discerning connoisseurs.