Salted butter and butter components

Butter is one of the most widely-popular dairy and daily-used products. It is made mostly of cow’s milk cream which undergoes the process of churning until it turns into a semisolid substance. This very substance is actually the butter, ubiquitous and versatile, with its scent and taste that cannot be mistaken for any other. Butter can add a fine zest into the blandest sandwich turning it into the masterpiece of cookery, as well as it definitely draws a special line in the daintiest gourmet dish making its odor and taste even more splendid.

A few words should be said about the benefit butter components bring to our health. They protect against arthritis, promote healthy brain and nervous system, and include fats which help to fight cancer.

So, the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about this ivory-colored fragrant healthy dairy product is probably the sweet cream butter. Butter making technologies, however, suppose adding salt as a natural preservative. Therefore, depending on butter containing some percent of salt or not, we have salted or unsalted butter respectively. Salt is added to butter most commonly using the so-called dry-salting method, when dry salt is sprinkled over the butter and worked in. Adding salt disturbs the equilibrium of the butter emulsion. This in turn changes the character of the butter body and alters its color. That is why salted butter has a special tang in its flavor which is just perfect for your baked goods, and can serve as a pungent condiment to other dishes.

What is cultured butter

There is another sort of butter that has both salted and unsalted versions, but still keeps its own character due to some cultures or good bacteria injected into it. It is called “cultured” and differs from non-cultured or regular butter sorts. What is cultured butter then? Before the butter is churned, the cream is “cultured” or “ripened” by adding strains of live bacteria. The sugars fermented into the cream provide rich and complex, slightly tangy and tart flavor. Original cultured butter is known as Euro-style butter, as its making process reflects traditional European techniques of butter production before modern dairy factories appeared.

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