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Blue Cheese Gift Set

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Blue Cheese Gift Set description:

Blue (or Bleu, as some call it in the French manner) cheese is a general name for the aged cheeses made from cow’s, ewe’s, or goat’s milk and infused with the cultures of Penicillium. Under the influence of the environment, the fungi create unique blue, green, gray, or even black veins or spots throughout the interiors of the cheeses.

Blue Cheese Gift Set from Marky's includes:

  • Spanish Cheese Cabrales D.O.P. - 4oz. slice

  • German Cheese Cambozola Triple Cream  - 4oz. slice

  • English Cheese Blue Stilton  - 4oz. slice

  • French Cheese Bleu D'Auvergne AOC  - 4oz. slice

  • Danish Cheese Blue  - 4oz. slice

  • French Cheese Roquefort Papillon  - 4oz. slice

  • French Cheese Fourme D'Ambert Blue - 4oz. slice

  • English Cheese Shrophire Blue  - 4oz. slice

And  Spanish Date Cake with Almonds 8.8 oz. as a GIFT

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