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Aged Spanish Goat Cheese with Paprika

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Aged Spanish Goat Cheese with Paprika description:

Goat Cheese with Paprika is a semi-firm, aged, raw, goat's milk cheese from La Mancha, Spain. Smoked paprika from 'La Vera' is blended directly into the cheese, it is then aged for approximately 4-6 months. It has a mild and tangy taste that is accompanied by a hint of spice from the paprika. The paprika gives a distinctive Spanish flavor and interesting, all natural, orange color to this cheese. This makes the cut cheese beautiful for presentation. It is produced by Buenalba, whose cheeses are uniquely made by the Alvarez Valera family. The family shepherds the goats themselves, thus ensuring the freshest, finest quality cheeses possible. The family has been running the company for four generations. Cut cheese, up to 2.2 lb.
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Net weight: up to 2.2 lb
Origin: Spain
Manufacturer: Fromage Marquis
Packaging: Wrap
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Preparation: Paprika
Brand: Fromage Marquis


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