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Golden Whitefish Caviar
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The list of native American species fished for its valuable roe wouldn't be complete without a Whitefish. Despite it is a Salmon family member, it yields much smaller roe than other members of the Salmon family and this is one of the reasons why it is called 'caviar'. The natural color of the Whitefish roe eggs is golden to tangerine. The Whitefish caviar is prepared in the Malossol way with just a small amount of the pure sea salt and is famous for its mildly tangy flavor with some sweet notes. The Whitefish roe grains have crisp texture and an attractive glossy appearance. Though Golden Whitefish caviar has its natural color it is also very popular naturally dyed with squid ink to obtain Black Whitefish caviar which is also known as Black Caviar Supreme for its deep black color. Of course, the deep black color and the glossy appearance doesn't make it taste like a real Sturgeon caviar from the Caspian sea but it will be a great and cost-effective variant for a big party.

As the Whitefish itself has fins and scales, it is allowed by the Kashrut rules (the dietary rules and laws of the Judaism) to be consumed by the Jewish people as also the Whitefish caviar that can be supplied with the Kosher certificate by the Orthodox Union on request.

Thanks for its affordable price and really impressive look, the White fish caviar is most often used for garnishing the hors d'oeuvres, canapes, and different dishes both cold and hot, like salads, risottos, pasta, and many more at parties. It can also be consumed on an everyday basis as a part of a healthy diet for a snack, garnishing dishes, and flavoring them.

About the Whitefish

It is a small fish whose main habitat area are the Great Lakes. The average size is about 50cm with the weight of less than 2kg while the biggest specimen was registered with the length of 79cm and the weight of 2.3kg. The Whitefish is basically wild caught in the lakes and rivers on the sustainable and highly controlled basis to prevent the overfishing. Furthermore, it is very popular for the sports fishing especially in the winter through the ice.

Apart of the wild catch, a huge amount of the Whitefish is produced in the aquafarms in the Northern part of the United States and Canada. It is one of the most important commercial species as the demand for its tender flesh constantly grows. The ban on the importation of the caviar from the Caspian sea region in 2006 has also stimulated the production of the White fish roe very much and gave a good start to many new aquafarms which offer a sustainable production of the Whitefish caviar and flesh without harming the nature. The commercial aquafarms also provide fingerlings to enhance the situation with the population in the wildlife and also in the lakes specializing in the sports fishing.

The Whitefish' diet consists of the plankton on the early stages of development, and when they grow up to 12-15cm they already switch to the average adult food like the insects larvae, snails, fingernail clams, zebra mussels, and other bottom dwellers.

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