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Taramosalata - Greek caviar

The Mediterranean cuisine and especially the Greek cuisine is one of the most famous and wholesome ones in the world. It uses lots of olive oil, wine, grains, herbs, vegetables, fish, meat, and lots of other products that are wholesome in its nature and they carefully undergo the preparation and cooking process. For more than 4000 years of its history, the Greek cuisine has elaborated many dishes that became the world heritage. But there are still lots of them that are not so famous but too good to conceal them. One of these is the Taramosalata.

Yes, exactly it is originally called 'Taramosalata' with 'O' and not 'Taramasalata' with 'A'. Despite this word comes from Greek words 'tarama' for fish roe and 'salata' for salad, the Greeks never call it Taramasalata jar.

What is Taramosalata

Taramosalata is a paste dip made of Tarama caviar — cured Carp roe for sale, Cod roe or Grey Mullet roe, depending on the prevailing fish in the region where it is made. Just as any true national product Taramosalata has lots of regional versions using these or that products more popular in that very place. Besides the kind of the fish roe used to make this truly incredible paste, it can vary in the starchy base. The traditional base is some dampened old bread without the crusts but it can be replaced with boiled mashed potatoes, beans or even almonds. Furthermore, the paste of the mashed carp roe caviar with the starch base may be filled with some minced onions or pressed garlic, some other recipes propose to add some white pepper, spring onions, or local greens. All these products are carefully combined and then intensively blended adding the pure olive oil and lemon juice. So Taramosalata is an emulsion just like mayonnaise but without eggs, way more wholesome, and less tricky.

The Krinos Taramosalata we are proudly offering you is another kind of this paste that is made without adding the starch base, only the krinos tarama blended with the oil and lemon juice into a delicate, soft, and creamy emulsion. The Taramosalata is also great in means of wholesomeness. The carp caviar is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, olive oil is a world known source of wholesome monounsaturated fats, and lemon juice is full of vitamin C.

Being pretty salty, this famous creamy, mellow, and flavorful caviar spread with a slight tang of the lemon and a rich sea flavour is very popular among the Greeks the whole year through and is always served as a part of the traditional meze (a set of appetisers on the table) during the family dinner at home or at the dinner with the friends in a Greek tavern. It is perfectly combined with the crispy pita triangles, fresh bread, toasts, crackers, fresh vegetables or whatever else that can be dipped into the paste and eaten.

But there is one special day when Taramosalata is on the table in each and every Greek family — the Clean Monday or Kathará Deutéra, the day when the Great Lean before the Easter begins and the members of the Orthodox church prepare their bodies for a spiritual cleansing during the longest and the most strict fasting.

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