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The worldwide growing popularity of the Japanese cuisine and especially sushi has also caused popularity of the special products used in traditional and modern Japanese cuisine. In our case, we mean the special roe types used for making sushi. Actually, there are two kinds of the so-called 'Sushi caviar'Masago and Tobiko (tobico, tobikko). Both types of roe are harvested from the small fishes but they are inhabiting absolutely different areas.

Tobiko is Japanese for Flying fish roe. This fish lives in the tropical and subtropical ocean waters in abundance and is sustainably harvested by hundreds of fishing vessels. After the fish is caught in the nets it is put on ice and delivered to the fish processing factories on the shore where it is split and the precious Tobiko roe is extracted, or the complete ice-cooled fish is prepared for shipping to the sales networks and kitchens all over the world. The Flying fish caviar (the question 'is Tobico caviar?' is quite reasonable and we say that technically Flying fish doesn't belong to the Sturgeon family but the Flying fish roe is still very often called caviar) has a very fresh and pronounced sea flavor and the Malossol preparation method only emphasizes it.

As Tobiko roe is mainly supplied naturally dyed in different colors it has additional tastes that make it quite special:

  • black Tobiko gets its deep color from the natural squid ink which is absolutely safe to eat;
  • green Tobiko is achieved by adding the natural extracts of the Japanese horseradish wasabi that gives this roe a spicy flavor;
  • red Tobiko is made using the extracts of the red pepper and it may be really hot for certain people.

Masago is also a Japanese word but for the Capelin roe. This roe has tiny eggs with 'chewy' texture and distinct sea flavor. The wide variety of colors and tastes makes it an ideal choice for different sushi making and garnishing many different seafood dishes:

  • Orange Sushi Caviar gets its color from a mixture of the corn syrup and the soy sauce;
  • Black Sushi Caviar is dyed with natural squid ink and is of a jet-black color;
  • Golden Sushi Caviar is the natural color of the Capelin fish roe, no dyes, no aromas, just the pure flavor of refreshing ocean breeze;
  • Wasabi Sushi Caviar has a bright green color and spicy taste of the traditional Japanese wasabi;
  • Red Sushi Caviar of vibrant cold red color;
  • Ginger Sushi Caviar with a mixture of spicy ginger and fresh sea flavors;
  • and finally the Spicy Sushi Caviar with invigorating hot chili pepper taste and flavor perfectly mixed with the sea flavor of the caviar.

Both of these caviars are cured with pure sea salt and are fully packed with wholesome sea minerals, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids that are so much needed for the human boy for a good health and a good spirit.

Tobiko is usually more expensive than Masago because it has a more noble appearance and the Tobiko eggs are larger and more glossy, but both of them are highly respected for their bright colors and crunchy texture. Another mutual characteristic is that both Tobiko and Masago easily withstand frosting but only one time and even after defrosting keep their form, texture and flavor!

Sometimes price is very important so often the Tobiko caviar is substituted by colorful Masago caviars, but both of them are still affordable enough to buy Tobico and consume it generously on everyday basis with sushi, traditional Russian blini, simple sandwiches or as a garnish to many seafood dishes, salads or even cooked dishes like pasta, risotto, omelettes and so on.

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