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Stromluga Caviar
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The caviar is definitely an incredible delicacy that rules the gourmets world, but there are not so many people who can afford themselves to indulge it every day. So what are you going to do to make your dreams come true and to enjoy the caviar more often? The only answer is to learn more about the available alternatives. And there is a big list of them — there are dozens of edible fish roes of different kinds, colors, sizes, textures, and flavors all over the world. One of the leading places holds the Stromluga caviar.

About the Stromluga caviar

This product is very popular among the chefs, cooks, and ordinary people who like cooking using natural products thanks to its unusual flavor and affordability. It is actually a 'caviar' only in the general meaning of this word because it is made of the Herring roe and not of the Sturgeon family species' roe. Yes, these glossy black eggs of relatively small size are harvested from the ordinary thus very delicious Herring caught in the cold North Atlantic waters. The females are processed in the fish processing factories where the sacks with the roe are professionally extracted from the fish and shock-frozen in big blocks that are delivered to the customers for their own ways of preparation. Nevertheless, a huge part of the Herring roe is processed at once and Stromluga caviar is one of the world's most famous delicacy made of it. The beads are slightly smoked and then they are released from the skeins, then they are salted with the fine sea salt and during the curing process, the natural squid ink is added to make the beads look similar to the true caviar though its natural color is yellow to pale orange. Afterward, the small beads are mixed the with other ingredients like smoked herring and lemon juice that emphasize the Herring roe natural taste. These ingredients allow to create the unique taste of Stromluga caviar and make it step forward from the row of other caviar alternatives and substitutes.

The flavor of the Stromluga caviar is tangy with distinct notes of the lemon and smoked herring. One can't say it smoothness the palate but its pronounced sea flavor is really delicious.

Stromluga caviar is a great alternative to the true caviars and considering the wallet-friendly price it can be easily consumed on everyday basis for indulgement or as a part of a wholesome diet because as all the sea products from the cold waters it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and other wholesome vitamins, amino acids, and microelements highly requested by the human body.

The Stromluga caviar is often used to garnish hors d'oeuvre and main dishes, especially at the big cocktail parties that definitely require a cost effective solution with a great appearance. Any dish with Stromluga caviar will be filled with the cold fresh ocean breeze of the Iceland shore where the Herring is usually caught. The cold and cooked dishes like pasta, risotto, hot and cold salads are benefiting from the Stromluga caviar sea flavor. And of course there are not so many products for the same price that gis so much fun and pleasure to enjoy as a healthy snack on a toast of half of the hard boiled egg.