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Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) is a farmed caviar from Marky's with nutty flavor and sea notes, very sophisticated and refined delicacy for the real caviar experts.

The true black caviar is produced by the Sturgeon family members, whose natural inhabitation areas historically are the basins of the seas and rivers from subtropical to subarctic zones of the North America and Eurasia. The Acipenseridae (scientific name of the Sturgeon family) counts 27 species but only some of them are producing this most expensive and sought-after delicacy in the world.

One of them is the Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) that inhabits the Siberian rivers, lakes, and adjacent seas. The Siberian Sturgeon (sometimes also called Siberian Osetra) is neither the biggest nor the most long-living member of the Sturgeon family. The biggest registered fish was aged about 60 years, its length was 2m and the weight about 210kg, which is very moderate comparing to the wild-caught Beluga or Kaluga Sturgeons. Unfortunately, such old specimens are too rare to meet in the wild nature for the last several decades because the human activity has led this species along with others nearly to extinction with the constantly growing industrial pollution of the river waters, dams, and, of course, the overfishing and poaching. This has led to a ban, strict regulation, and control of the commercial fishery of the Sturgeons. The only reasonable way to solve this situation and to continue supplying the all the products obtained from Sturgeons was the fish-rearing in the aquafarms where the fish is put in the environment that is way much better than in the wild nature with the drink quality running water, regular and sufficient feeding under strict control. Most of the fish in the aquafarms all over the world derive from the fingerlings imported from the Siberian rivers so we can talk about 100% authentic Siberian Sturgeon and the original flavor and quality of the siberian caviar. And we have three sorts of it in our assortment for you to offer:

The Siberian Sturgeon Caviar is harvested from the farmed Sturgeon but it can easily compete with the one from the wild catch in terms of taste and flavor. The medium sized eggs of light to dark gray color with glittering appearance boast with very tender texture and tend to melt in your mouth bathing your palate with the subtle nutty flavor with sea note.

Siberian Sturgeon Caviar France is harvested from the Sturgeons bred in the world famous French aquafarms. This baerii caviar is especially praised by the connoisseurs for the unique clean, sweet, crisp and 'nutty' flavor of its medium sized eggs with pearlescent envelope ranging in color from medium gray to nearly black.

Marky's Siberian Sturgeon Caviar Italy comes from the offsprings of the original Siberian Osetra fingerlings carefully raised on one of the biggest aquafarms of the world in Italy. Thanks to the best conditions and carefully selected natural diet the farmed Italian caviar doesn't differ much from the wild catch Siberian Osetra caviar. The Malossol style of preparation only emphasizes the world famous delicate buttery baerii caviar taste. The grains are medium size and have a very tender texture — they don't pop but melt in your mouth without any effort spreading the incredible flavor.

The farmed Siberian Sturgeon Caviar price is always a bargain comparing to the most expensive wild-catch Caspian Caviars but the real bargain is our set consisting of French Siberian Sturgeon Caviar 2 oz. and a 36 pcs. Russian Original Handmade Blini pack accompanied by the delicate Crème Fraîche, 7-8 oz.

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