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How to serve and to eat caviar in the best way? It's not a correct question for a real gourmet and a connoisseur. Of course, you can indulge the unique taste of this nature's treasure right from the jar as many purists prefer but to disclose all the notes and tones of the flavour you will need a background.

The ideal canvas for the tender and subtle flavor of the caviar are the homemade blini that are a plate and a part of the dish with their neutral taste and tender structure. We have two sorts of them - the Russian and French blini. Both are hand made of the high-grade wheat floor and preserved for your special occasion. Both are a great choice upon your favor!

Another serving food for caviar is the quail egg. These eggs are so tiny and delicate that allow you to serve caviar in single bite helping. Of course, they can also be used for salads and other appetizers.

And last but not least — the best Creme Fraiche you can find for your gourmet dishes in the USA and that is as great as the one originally made in the French Normandy.

All these accompaniments to your caviar can be ordered online at Marky's Gourmet Store.

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