Red Lumpfish Caviar

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Red Lumpfish Caviar

Red Lumpfish Caviar is harvested from the small fish in the icecold waters of North Atlantic at the Iceland shores. It is a really great alternative for the expensive true Caspian Sea caviars. Thanks to its structure and attractive taste it can be perfectly used in the gourmet meals recipies instead of rare black caviars. The eggs of the lumpfish roe are firm and crunchy, they pop in your mouth with juice with a pronounced salty fish flavor.

This caviar originated from Iceland and became popular due to its versatility. This inexpensive product is often used as a means of garnishing gourmet platters. Lumpfish and Capelin caviars are available in red or black. The roe of Lumpfish is the lager of two. Recommended with Russian original handmade blinis, Mini toasts, Crème Fraîche.

Product Features

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SKU 011705
Packaging Jar
Preparation Pasteurized
Caviar Fish & Grade Lumpfish, Grade1
Shelf Life Refrigerated Shelf Stable
Storage Type Refrigerated
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Color Red
Flavor firm, crunchy texture with a pronounced salty fish flavor
Ingredients Lumpfish roe, salt stabilizers, spices, citric acid, artificial colors: red #40, yellow #6 and blue #1, 0.1% sodium benzonate
Size Small fine grained eggs