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Marky's Caviar carries all kinds of Osetra Caviar. This is the most popular of the highly-prized caviar-producing species. Here you can find the gold to light amber of Russian Osetra, the medium to large beads of Golden Imperial Osetra, and the select flavor of Special Reserve Osetra. Only Beluga and Kaluga, both staggeringly expensive, can claim primacy over the far more affordable Osetra Caviar.

Traditional Russian Osetra (sometimes spelled "Ossetra") was harvested from sturgeons captured in the Caspian Sea. Now that overfishing and poaching have decimated the natural population of Caspian sturgeons, bringing them to the point of extinction, the commercial use of wild-caught sturgeons is strictly regulated. Most of the world's commercial caviar comes from state of the art aquafarms. The largest sturgeon-rearing farms in the world are found in France and Italy, and in Israel, with its world famous brand "Karat".

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