Paddlefish Caviar
Sockeye Red Salmon Roe
Canadian Salmon Roe Caviar
Pink Trout Roe Caviar
Salmon Roe Keta Caviar
American Bowfin Black Caviar
Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar
Golden Whitefish Caviar
Spicy Sushi Caviar
Ginger Sushi Caviar
Red Sushi Caviar
Wasabi Sushi Caviar
Golden Sushi Caviar
Black Sushi Caviar
Orange Sushi Caviar
Masago Caviar
Red Lumpfish Caviar
Black Lumpfish Caviar

Nowadays the word "caviar" doesn't define only barely salted and unpasteurized Sturgeon roe. Non-sturgeon caviar is literally any other fish roe that can be prepared in different ways from Malossol like Paddlefish to salted and heavily dried like traditional French Bottarga.

It is widely used in the high cuisine both as a delicacy and as a garnish for salads, risottos and other cooked dishes. The wide choice of non-sturgeon caviar's kinds and sorts provides a big range of tastes and colors, especially the sushi caviar Tobiko and Masago that come in different bright colors.

The most popular among the fish roes are the Paddlefish roe, Salmon caviar, Flying fish roe, Tobiko, Lumpfish caviar, Capelin roe.

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