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Red caviar and other non-sturgeon caviar online  - over 30 caviar names from $3.50!!!

These days the word "caviar" doesn't only stand for the barely salted unpasteurized roe of the fish from the Sturgeon family. The Non-sturgeon caviar is a vast group of red and black caviars that are harvested from many different kinds of fish and can be prepared in different ways from the traditional Malossol like Paddlefish to salted and heavily dried just as the Bottarga. Thanks to its affordability it is widely used in Asian, European, American, and, of course, Fusion cuisines as a standalone delicacy, on canapes, as a part of cold and cooked dishes, and as a garnish for high cuisine masterpieces. There are so many types of non-sturgeon caviar of different size, color, flavor and taste that any chef will find here at Marky's Gourmet Store whatever he could only dream about.

American Paddlefish Caviar
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American Bowfin Black Caviar
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Salmon Roe Keta Caviar, Keta Ikura
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Sea Urchin Roe (Uni)
Smoked Trout Roe, Smoked Trout Ikura
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Golden Whitefish Caviar
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Red Caviar

A vast and very popular subcategory of the non-sturgeon caviar is the Wild Salmon caviar or the red caviar. The key to the popularity of the caviar red is the delicate taste and flavor accompanied by a very attractive appearance of big semitranslucent eggs of bright red to orange color with a glossy shell. The eggs of the fresh Salmon roe are firm, but easily pop with a delicate pressure of the tongue and smooth the palate with slightly salted and at the same time sweet honey-like and fatty juice. Red salmon caviar is an absolutely universal product: it is mostly used for canapes, sandwiches, sushi, but at the same time it is great for garnishing the dishes and can be also used in different salads, cold and hot dishes.

One of the most popular wild salmon caviar is the Alaska caviar. This kind of roe is quite affordable and offers the connoisseurs and true lovers a pure delight of the highest quality product. Always fresh and delicious the Salmon Keta caviar is a natural gift of Northern waters of Alaska filled with the wild energy of the limitless wide open spaces and the crystal clear purity of the waters. All the best red caviar is available at our Marky's Gourmet Store for Alaska caviar sale.

Sushi Caviar

Another best selling category is the sushi caviar Tobiko and Masago. They are represented in a bright palette of vivid colors and different flavors like the traditional salted, smoked, Ginger, Wasabi, Spicy, Pepper and so on. Tobiko and Masago are used both in traditional and in absolutely hilarious dishes of modern Japanese cuisine to give the dish that very special salty sea flavor and to garnish them with bright strokes.

Red and Black non-sturgeon caviar

A very interesting non-sturgeon caviar is the Paddlefish roe, which is often called the "beginners' caviar" because it is very delicate and the flavor resembles the one of black caviar though it is milder and not so intense. The eggs are relatively small and similar in size to Sevruga. This is a very wallet-friendly substitute for the true caviar that can be easily used for decorating the dishes and enjoyed as a delicacy or a part of everyday diet. There are also other minor black caviar inexpensive substitutions like Lumpfish caviar, Stromluga, and Herring roe.

All these have many virtues such as the nutritive value, high level of perfectly digestible protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, and Omega-6, wholesome vitamins and minerals that allow the human body to receive daily needed norm of these elements for it would function without any problems and fight the aging process in the most natural way. Nevertheless, the main advantage of most non-sturgeon caviar is a much more affordable price comparing to the price of inexpensive true caviars. This allows most of the people stick to healthy diets and enjoy high-quality and at the same time tasty products which is actually a very seldom conjunction in the real life.

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