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Is caviar Kosher?

First of all, 'Kosher' is a list of certain products and attributes of the products clearly set forward in Thora (the main Jewish Scripture) that can be safely consumed by the Jews, Hebrews and those who stick to a kosher diet for health's sake. It is also a historical, personal and communal commitment to the will of th eHebrew God. Besides, 'Kosher' is also about the way and procedure how the food is produced and processed.

As for the fish, the Thora says only the creature with fins and scales is kosher. Speaking about the true 'black' Caviar most of the fish species that it is used to be harvested from are not 'kosher'. So, unfortunately, many kosher gourmets can not eat true Beluga or Sturgeon family caviars because these species have fins but have no scales.

Is there a natural Kosher caviar?

Despite the modern technology allows manufacturing substitutes to the true caviars that are certificated to be kosher, we prefer offering our customers only natural products either harvested from the wild catch or from the farmed fish. So we have a great solution for kosher gourmets — here is a list of the Orthodox Union certified caviar kosher harvested from the fish that fully confirms the strict rules of Halakha.

Black Whitefish Caviar

This natural black kosher caviar substitute is often called "Black Caviar Supreme" because of its incredibly deep black color. The eggs are small but firm with a crispy texture and mildly tangy flavor with slight sweetness. It is a wallet friendly substitute that is most often used for garnishing the dishes at the big parties by the catering companies. Thanks to its affordability it can be also easily consumed on an everyday basis as a part of a healthy nourishing plan or a diet in sandwiches or bagels with creme fresh. The deep black color is obtained by the natural squid ink.

Golden Whitefish Caviar

Whitefish is a salmon family member and the natural color of its eggs is bright yellow. The small crisp grains of this kosher caviar are of natural golden color and have an attractive glossy appearance. We offer you this American Golden Whitefish roe 'Malossol' which is preserved in a natural way with a small amount of salt that articulates the mildly tangy flavor with a bit of sweetness. It is also a cost saving alternative product so you can enjoy this caviar kosher in good quantities both right from the jar or as a part of many delicate dishes.

French Bottarga Caviar

Botargo, bottarga (Italian), poutargue or boutargue (French), botarga (Spanish), batarekh (Arabic) or avgotaraho (Greek), there are plenty of names for this simple delicacy available for kosher gourmet. As you can see from the names this is a specialty of the Mediterranean region which is made from the salted and sun-dried mullet roe (bottarga di muggine). This kosher caviar has a very strong flavor and is usually consumed as a part of different cold and hot fish dishes. It is shaved off into thin slices for hors d'oeuvres or grated over pasta, fish, or salads.

Alaskan Salmon Caviar

Of course, we could not miss the fresh Alaskan Salmon roe which is a kosher caviar and a perfect delicacy for everyone. It both looks and tastes great, it is a great example of a healthy food product with a strong sweet and honey-like flavor emphasized with mild salinity. Alaskan Salmon Caviar Kosher is just perfect as an appetizer or a part of your favorite dishes adding a bright orange color and the mild sea flavor. The firm eggs of bright golden-orange color are extra large and they add a visual delight of the firm, giant translucent grains to your dishes.

All these kinds of caviars are supplied with a Kosher certificate upon request.

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