How to choose caviar accordingly to the occasion

What do you immediately think of when you hear the word “caviar”? Most people think of luxurious, gourmet food and beautiful surroundings. For many centuries, this legendary product has held an important place at holiday tables. The wide range of caviar available at Marky’s allows you the opportunity to choose the right product for each event in your life: a wedding banquet, for example, or a dinner with business partners. The presence of caviar at your meal will emphasize your excellent taste, impress your guests, and create an unforgettable atmosphere at any event.

guideIt is believed that two thousand years ago, the ancient Phoenicians were the first who started salting black Osetra fish. Two Ancient Greek historians called sturgeon “the fish nearly equal to the dolphins” and considered their spawn an elite delicacy. In Russia, both red and black caviar has been an aspiration for fishers and hunters for a long time—it was highly appreciated for its nutritive value and useful properties, and it soon became an integral part of imperial feasts. The abundance of sturgeon in Russia allowed for the delivery of tons of caviar to the Tsar’s Court. During the reign of Ivan the Terrible, black caviar cooked in poppy milk or vinegar was the most exquisite dish.

In Europe and the United States, sturgeon farms appeared in the 20th century. The caviar of sturgeons grown in artificial conditions is no different than the caviar extracted from fish in the wild. Both have the same beneficial properties and excellent taste. Artificial breeding of sturgeon does not revoke the expensive and elite status of caviar.

Various caviar substitutes help make this delicacy more accessible. It is quite difficult to distinguish between a substitute and an original by taste and appearance.

To accurately choose a type of caviar according to the occasion, it is necessary to understand all of its kinds. Most people know that there is sturgeon and non-sturgeon caviar, red caviar is extracted from salmon, and black caviar is the caviar of sturgeon, but many do not know just how much roe is available for consumption. Considering all types will ensure that you pick the perfect one for your event.

Marky's can help you choose the caviar that is best suited to your occasion.

An evening with Family

A romantic evening for two requires paddlefish caviar. The American paddlefish caviar, rich in phosphorous and iodine, is part of the sturgeon family; paddlefish caviar is more accessible than Beluga caviar and is almost equivalent in taste. It raises levels of serotonin (a pleasure hormone), stimulates testosterone production, and increases sensitivity. Serve the delicacy in a crystal piala set on crushed ice. Dry champagne will be the perfect complement. Your partner will certainly appreciate your efforts, and an unforgettable romantic evening is guaranteed.M

guide paddlefish

Salmon roe is perfect for family holidays or an anniversary. If your family party involves a large number of people, surprise them with gourmet snacks made with salmon caviar. Gourmets advise choosing salmon caviar because the eggs are small, which makes them more gentle and pleasant than larger ones. Add French cream cheese, crabmeat, pineapples, coconut shavings, and roe to the menu at your event. With all of these items, you can make a great appetizer: grate the crabmeat and the cheese, roll them into small balls, sprinkle each ball with coconut shavings, put them into a pineapple ring, and top it all off with a dollop of roe before serving. This appetizer will definitely not stay untouched.

Ceremonial family dinners call for Siberian sturgeon caviar. If you’re inviting kinsfolk to share important news with, Marky’s recommends Siberian sturgeon caviar. News of the engagement or career promotion will sound even greater with a delicacy like this caviar at the table. Appetizers with caviar will underline the importance of your words and intentions. Caviar from artificially bred sturgeon has a very delicate texture and a stunning buttery, nutty flavor. The low prices of this excellent product will leave you pleasantly surprised.

guide kaluga

Beluga caviar and Kaluga Sturgeon Caviar (also know as River Beluga Caviar) are an impeccable companions to iconic moments, perfect for special family dinners like Christmas dinner. There are moments of your life where you feel victorious — splurging on a car or buying a dream house — and Kaluga Fusion caviar will be there, alongside your friends and family, to emphasize the importance of your achievements and personal triumphs. Produced from a hybrid of Kaluga Sturgeon and Amur Sturgeon, this caviar has big, shiny eggs and a rich, buttery taste.

A fun party with friends

For a noisy birthday celebration, Stromluga Caviar is the right choice. Your friends will really enjoy this qualitative substitute for the original delicacy. It is made from lightly smoked herring roe. Seafood salad with the addition of Stromluga caviar will diversify your menu and surely receive positive feedback. The largest purchase in the history of caviar was made by singer George Benson. He acquired three tons of it for his 50th birthday and paid three million dollars for it. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend so much money. Stromluga caviar will delight you with its reasonable price.

guide stomruga

Special Sushi Caviar and Flying Fish Tobiko Caviar are great for an evening of Japanese cuisine. An essential element of traditional Japanese cuisine is the flying fish caviar, Tobiko. It is used for the preparation of sushi rolls and salads, and it can be served on its own. This delicacy greatly differs from the customary salmon or sturgeon caviar, but it’s more special. Its smaller eggs are crispy, juicy, and tender, and they leave a slight sweet aftertaste. Try sprinkling the outside of a sushi roll made of salmon and cream cheese with flying fish roe, and you’ll get an unexpected but delicious combination. Tobiko caviar works well with many products, so don’t be afraid to experiment. You can add it to rolls with shrimp, avocado, cucumber, and of course, salmon and cream cheese. To brighten your feast and liven the atmosphere, use eggs of all colors: orange, green, red, and black.

Hanging out with good friends calls for Black Lumpfish Caviar. Snacks that include this caviar are very welcome while watching movies or football matches with friends. This black substitute is cooked with sea fish roe, found off the coast of Ireland. Lumpfish caviar is made of tiny, crunchy eggs that have a wonderful, salty taste. It will definitely make tartlets and canapés even more appetizing.

Important events

A wedding reception is a great place for Russian Osetra Karat Caviar. When planning a wedding banquet, add this caviar to the menu because it is the symbol of wealth and luxury goods. This dish can make your celebration truly royal, and it’ll be a wonderful start to the life that the young couple will share. Black caviar has been considered an elite product for centuries—in Russia, it’s always been a favorite of royals. Experts recommend choosing this caviar based on its large eggs; attention does not have to be paid to its color. After all, sturgeon caviar doesn’t necessarily correspond to a black color. It can also silver-gray, bronze, or even turquoise.

guide osetra

Hackleback Caviar is the perfect choice for a business dinner with colleagues and partners. It is an affordable, but no less refined, alternative to the expensive delicacy. Caviar produced from the American hackleback, of the sturgeon family, captivates its consumers with its unusual and intense nutty flavor. Use it to demonstrate an exquisite taste and emphasize your status. Your invitees will be convinced of the seriousness of your intentions.

guide hackleback

For official company banquets, Osetra Imperial Golden Caviar is the way to go. This caviar is the most popular and coveted delicacy for those who really know how to appreciate life. The legendary product justifies its price with an unsurpassed taste and extraordinary aromatic qualities. It is known that Charlie Chaplin was a great venerator of this delicacy. He once said that the most valuable payment he received his entire life was eight pounds of black caviar. Serve the Osetra Imperial Golden Caviar in a silver or ivory bowl. Emphasizing your high status and impressing your partners is bound to guarantee your business success.

guide sevruga

Last but definitely not least, Sevruga Caviar should be served to very important guests. Your attitude to powerful people determines your success. Recognition of an authoritative status will express your respect and act as a very subtle compliment. Sevruga caviar is one of the most exquisite delicacies around, and it is destined for people who consume only products of the highest quality. The dark-gray eggs of Sevruga roe have the most intense flavor of all types of caviar. The people who have tasted Classic Grey Sevruga Caviar before will never forget its bright flavor. Add the caviar to your menu if you ever want a person of importance to enlist his support in you or a project of yours.

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In addition to its versatility and unique taste, caviar is rich in vital substances, which causes a significant positive effect on our bodies. Fish roe of any color is rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It has been proven that a lifetime can be extended for 7-9 years by regularly using caviar in our meals. Explain this to anyone you’re eating with to make them even more enthusiastic about what’s being served at the table. They’ll never forget the taste of what they ate—and the company they were with when they ate it.

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