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Beluga Hybrid Caviar Set, 3 pcs
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It is absolutely doubtless for anyone that fresh products are most wholesome to our body and organism. First of all, they are tasty because there are not so many food products in the world that reveal their best taste after a certain period of time, and caviar is definitely not among this list. The fresh is the caviar the more delicious it is. We believe in the pure taste of caviar and the only addition we can accept is just some small amount of pure sea salt to bring out the natural flavor of caviar and the peculiarities of the taste of the elite Sturgeon caviars, that will also help to keep them fresh for a certain period of time. Kaluga sturgeon, Beluga caviar, Sevruga caviar, Sterlet caviar, Paddlefish roe, Salmon caviar, Flying fish roe, Tobiko, Capelin roe and Lumpfish caviar are all preserved and served slightly salted and fresh.

Basically, this is a prevailing way to prepare and to preserve most of the caviar types starting from inexpensive and wallet friendly Red Lumpfish caviar to the most exclusive and expensive Beluga, Kaluga or Sturgeon caviars. Most frequently used term for this method of preparation is the Russian word 'Malossol', which means "little salt", describing the pristine method that we have inherited from our ancestors and ancient fishermen. Comparing to the other methods like freezing or drying, the Malossol way allows us to preserve the original taste and flavor, the incredible texture and all wholesome properties of the natural treasure which is caviar.

The whole process is obviously not very complicated — after the caviar has been harvested from the fish it undergoes several stages of cleaning and sorting. The expensive and precious types of caviar are carefully washed and checked for the rests of skeins and broken eggs. Then they are sorted by grades through several special sieves with different mesh sizes. Only after that, the caviar is meticulously and carefully mixed with a certain amount of the purest sea salt by experienced hands of the workers providing the highest grade of security to the caviar eggs and preventing them from breaking by mechanical processing. That's the whole secret, only highest quality products and high skills of experienced professionals paying a maximum of their care and attention to what they are doing.

Of course, this method doesn't allow to keep the caviar fresh for a long period of time but at the same time, short shelf life of the Malossol caviars is a proof of the freshness and high quality. Usually, the shelf life is four to six weeks if the caviar is kept in an airtight container or original package only refrigerated or on the ice. As caviar is a perishable product you will get a caviar delivery with FedEx Priority Overnight shipment of properly packed caviar when you place your order at Marky's Gourmet Store that guarantees you to receive the freshest product at your table! And to tell you the truth we don't believe our caviar will stay in your refrigerator even for two weeks after you give it a first try so fresh, delicious and incredibly tasty it is!

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