If you can get them, fresh products are the best of all. There are few products that taste their best after they have been frozen, and most types of caviar need to be fresh to be enjoyed to the fullest. For the unique taste of Sturgeon caviars, the only acceptable preservative is a small amount of pure sea salt, which will only augment their famed natural flavors rather than smothering them. Kaluga, Belugaand Sevruga Caviar, Paddlefish and Salmon Roe, Tobiko, Capelin Roe, and Lumpfish caviar — all these remarkable products are at their best when their natural flavors have been preserved through minimal, expert processing.

The term for the ideal method of preparation is "Malossol" a rendering for "little salt" translation. This is the traditional style of preparation, which has been used on the banks of Siberian rivers and seas as long as caviar has been a staple food there. It is applied across all types of caviar, from the inexpensive Red Lumpfish to the exclusive Beluga Sturgeon caviar. Far more than freezing or drying, Malossol is a processing method that preserves the unique qualities of caviar to the utmost: the flavor, the texture, and the health benefits are all unharmed and often even enhanced.

Despite its efficacy, the process is not a particularly complicated one: once the roe has been harvested from the fish, it undergoes several stages of cleaning and sorting. The roe is carefully cleaned and checked to remove any traces of the skein or broken eggs. It is then sorted into grades by being passed through several special sieves with different mesh sizes. After that, the caviar is meticulously and carefully mixed by hand with a certain amount of the pure sea salt by highly experienced workers, providing the highest grade of security to the caviar eggs and preventing them from breaking during mechanical processing. There is nothing more to it than that: the highest quality ingredients and the dedication of experienced professionals are all that is needed to make the magic of caviar happen.

Malossol caviars, due to this gentle preservation, do not keep for very long after they have been packed, but their short shelf lives are a promise of freshness and quality. The usual shelf life of black caviar is four to six weeks, if it is kept in an airtight container or its original packaging, refrigerated or packed with ice. As caviar is a perishable product, when you order caviar at Marky’s Gourmet Store, it will be securely packed to order, and your caviar delivery will be dispatched via FedEx Priority Overnight shipment. We take pride in guaranteeing that you will receive only the freshest possible products to relish. And we would not be surprised if our caviar is gone long before the end of its shelf life — how can you resist, once you have sampled its intoxicating flavor and pristine freshness?