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Tobiko Wasabi, Flying Fish Roe Caviar
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Tobiko Black, Flying Fish Roe Caviar
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Tobiko Red, Flying Fish Roe Caviar
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Tobiko red, black, wasabi from $11.89. The modern Japanese cuisine and especially different sushi types are growing very popular these days and an inherent part of many sushi types is Tobiko. You may ask what is this 'Tobiko'? It's a Japanese word for the tropical Flying Fish roe. It is remarkable for a small, we'd even say a tiny size of the Flying Fish eggs which is less than 1mm, which is characterized by a crunchy and firm texture that makes it a great supplement for different sushi types. Another important quality of this product is its very high texture stability that allows it to keep its form and texture even after defrost, unlike the traditional and much more expensive caviar types. This is truly a democratic people food or, at least, a food garnish.

The Flying Fish Caviar flavor is fresh and bright as its colors. The natural color of the Flying fish caviar is golden to light orange, nevertheless, it is dyed with natural ingredients that add very special flavors and taste:

  • the Black Tobiko is achieved by adding the squid ink which is absolutely natural and safe for human body;
  • the Red Tobiko is made by using a variety of chili peppers that add spicy flavor along with the bright red color;
  • finally the Green Tobiko is made with the Japanese wasabi spice (a special horseradish) and it is better to be very careful with it because your sushi may get very hot!

Limiting the use of Tobiko only to sushi and Japanese cuisine would be a great mistake for the international cuisine that the world famous chefs would never make! That's why they are using this exotic product not just to garnish the classic and traditional dishes of the continental cuisine but also to supplement the fusion cuisine dishes. Any seafood dish, no matter if it is cold or cooked, is an ideal background for the bright strokes of the Flying Fish caviar!

The Tobiko caviar is also famous and very popular among the chefs and leading catering companies for its price which is lower than the traditional caviar prices in times.

In addition to its bright appearance and an incredibly low price, Tobico is also respected for its nutritious characteristics. Just as any seafood product it is very rich in the wholesome omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that are of key importance for the human body. Thanks to the Malossol preparation way it contains a small amount of natural sea salt that only emphasizes the natural flavor and allows it to open to its full extent.

Some people may argue that the Flying Fish roe is rich in cholesterol but we would like to assure you that the amount of the Tobiko consumed in a standard sushi helping is just a 1/17 of the acceptable everyday quantity of this element and the general wholesome qualities of the Flying Fish caviar completely surpasses its possible harm to a human body.

We would like to emphasize, that the incredibly low price of the Tobiko caviar allows its use in the everyday diet as also a great tool for a creative chef or a party owner.

Now after all these explanations we hope that in case you hear the question 'Where to buy Tobiko?' or 'Where to buy fish roe?' your only answer will be Marky's Gourmet Store!

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