Caviar Guide by Marky's

Are there any healthy, viable alternatives to caviar? Does any delicacy have the same buttery and briny flavors which make caviar so desirable among aficionados? What other product can add the same dollop of luxury to your dinner?

Marky’s has a whole range of sumptuous answers to these questions: from vegetarian caviar to caviar butter.

100% Vegetarian Caviar Pearls

Topnotch vegetarian black pearl caviar is now available for sale at our online store! And its price tends to be lower than that of fish caviars.

This fascinating environment-friendly delicacy looks exactly like pure sturgeon caviar. The difference is that vegetarian caviar is made from edible seaweed and contains zero animal products.

Marky’s seaweed caviar has no synthetic color and taste enhancing additives. The blackness and sea saltiness of pearls come from natural properties of the used seaweed and, obviously, salt. Did you know that this delight has even more serving options than sturgeon caviar or salmon roe?

  • You can add it to both hot and cold dishes. Instead of obscuring their taste, vegetarian caviar will highlight it, adding a salty touch.
  • Serve it on vegetarian crackers or with vegetarian blinis.
  • Upgrade boiled potatoes or fresh salads with it.

Caviar Powder

Bottarga powder is a perfect condiment for fish, seafood, and other foods where you like to have some briny and fishy notes.

Bottarga is a Mediterranean-style gray mullet or tuna caviar. But when it’s dehydrated and grated, it turns into an aromatic seasoning.

Use bottarga right before serving to enjoy how it’s releasing its flavor and how this flavor is gradually pervading your dish.

Caviar Spread in Greek Style

Taramosalata is a traditional Greek spread made from aged and cured carp roe (taramas), complemented with olive oil and lemon juice.

Here’s a little tip for you: genuine fresh Taramosalata spread must be beige and not pink. So, just check the color and you’ll know whether to buy this Mediterranean staple or not.

At Marky’s, we offer real taramosalata prepared according to the authentic Greek recipe.

It appears as versatile as hummus and will be an exceptionally convenient and delicious dip to buy for a picnic or party. Crackers, tacos, fresh vegetables, and olives will make a beautiful and tasty company for a jar of taramosalata spread.

Caviar Butter

Caviar butter from Marky’s is only fresh sturgeon caviar and French butter. That’s it. And that’s all you need to make an appetizing snack or garnish the main fish dish or pasta.

Smother a slice of bread with some caviar butter and you’ll get a delightful breakfast treat. Add a few dollops of this butter to baked fish and you’ll get a heavenly dinner, no matter if you have it for some special occasion or not.

You can see that there are truly decent alternatives to caviar. And you can choose between them depending on your own preferences.

If you place an order today, you’ll get your delicacy in only one business day.

Serve the vegetarian black pearls or caviar butter from Marky’s as you like and take a moment to enjoy your meal. Bon appetit!